This is the place to buy custom art of your character or ideas, professional art to use in projects, and full blown animations. If you are interested in hiring me, please send an email and include the details of what you want so I may quote a price. If you are buying many pieces of art at once you will get a discount.

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Commercial Projects: If you will use the art to make money, please let me know so we may work out a licensing agreement. I’m also happy to negotiate contract work or put a bid on a project.

Licenses: If you want to monetize a video that uses one of my animations, I sell licenses to small creators for $10 or 20% of the revenue made after two months, whichever is more. That means you must earn at least $50 for the percentage to kick in. You can monetize your video for free if it’s a clear case of fair use, like a critique, review, or some small animation clips part of a bigger project. If your video is non-monetized, you can do whatever you want for free! No reuploads or compliations, though, please.


Sketch: $15+


Character: $20+


Illustration: $60+


Background: $60+



Mini Animation $50+

A short, simple animation as a GIF, SWF, or sprite sheet.

Animation Assets: Prices Vary

Props, animated backgrounds, animated intros, and fully functional puppet rigs designed for those who intend to make their own animations or videos.

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Storyboard: $50+

Storyboards start at $50 per 30 seconds of animation. They are basic sketches that change every few seconds to give the audience an inkling of what a full animation might look like.

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Partial Animation: $200+

These start at $200 per 30 seconds of animation. They feature much less movement than a full animation. A partial animation may be fully colored but have fewer mouth movements and actions.

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Full Animation: $600+

The base price for a fully animated video is $600 per 30 seconds of animation. This is just to give you a rough estimate of what your project might cost. There is a lot that can change to bring the cost up or down depending on your budget, what you want, and how complicated it is to make.

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